Parker Industries’ offers a wide range of capabilities. These include blanking, piercing and deep draw stamping, forming, laser and plasma cutting, CNC machining, welding and more. We also offer extensive experience with a variety of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze and aluminum. Furthermore, our numerous services and secondary operations provide you with the option to single source projects on a turnkey basis.

Our customers include industry leaders in a range of industries. These include transportation, home furnishings, Green technologies, industrial equipment, appliance manufacturers, agricultural equipment and many others. The parts we produce for these companies, in both long and short-run quantities, are very diverse. For example, with its 6’ x 8’ bed, our triple action 800-ton hydraulic press produces thousands of large parts, from fuel tank ends to school bus bumpers. In contrast, we regularly produce many small, intricate parts with critically-tight tolerances.

Our Capabilities Include:

Parker Industries Capabilities - Stamped Metal Parts

Metal Stamping

Our company was founded on metal stamping. Today, we use mechanical presses from 45 tons to 500 tons and deep draw presses from 110 to 800 tons. As a result, the range of the parts we produce on any given day is quite impressive. We also utilize an array of automated feeding equipment. And finally, we have the ability to maintain tooling internally.

Parker Industries Capabilities - Plasma Cutting

Laser and Plasma Cutting

Our two 4000 watt lasers are capable of cutting up to ¾” thick carbon steel, 3/8” stainless steel or 3/8” aluminum out of sheets up to 5’ x 10’ in size. We added plasma cutting capabilities in 2013. They can cut carbon steel up to 3″ thick with a maximum sheet size of 6’ x 24’.

Parker Industries Capabilities - Press Brake Parts

Press Brakes

With three press brakes having a maximum of 90 tons of pressure and length of 10’, we can meet most forming needs. We also have the capability to construct custom tooling for specific requirements.

Parker Industries Capabilities - CNC Parts

CNC Machining

Our production facilities include seven CNC mills and three CNC lathes. The CNC mills are capable of machining parts up to 19” x 40” x 22”, while the CNC lathes can turn parts up to 24” diameter and 40” long.

Precision Welding


Our capabilities also include welding, from simple to complex. For example, we provide MIG, TIG and stick welding for carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Delivery Service

Other Services

In addition to producing component parts, we partner with trusted suppliers to paint finished parts when customer specifications call for it. We also also offer regional delivery services using our two company trucks.

Our Capabilities Also Include Prototype Parts

We’re well-equipped to prepare accurate prototypes of your parts before you invest in tooling. And after your design process is complete we can assist you with the tooling itself, whether it involves maintaining your existing dies or creating new ones. Our in-house prototype and machine shop departments employ a wide assortment of equipment including standard and CNC milling machines, surface grinders, lathes, saws, drill presses and wire EDM equipment.