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ISO 9002 Certified

A copy of our ISO 9002 certificate.

"Over 40 years of quality driven machining and stamping experience."

Checking a critical dimension to ensure quality.

A Total Commitment To Quality.
At Parker Industries, quality is more than a word used to describe the products we produce. For us, quality is the essence of what we stand for. It defines how we conduct business. Whether it’s building or maintaining dies, producing parts, or rapidly responding when you’re in need, our goal is simple. We strive to exceed your expectations in everything we do, everyday.

ISO 9002 Certified.
As an ISO 9002 certified supplier, we have developed and implemented a highly-detailed quality assurance program that allows us to monitor and control every aspect of our business. Starting with a careful review of your initial requirements, to consistently meeting specifications and tolerances throughout production, to on-time delivery, nothing is left to chance.

Just-in-Time Delivery.
Due in part to our extensive experience with the transportation industry, we understand how critically important it can be to minimize inventory. That’s why we structured our organization and workflow around the ability to feed parts into a customer’s production system exactly when they are needed. It is something we are more than prepared to do, and something we do well. So if precise delivery schedules are part of your agenda, you can count on your parts arriving from Parker Industries just-in-time.

Competitive Pricing.
While our products and customer service are at a premium level, our prices are not. As evidenced by more than 40 years in business and a steadily increasing customer base that includes some of the country’s most recognizable names, we know how important it is to be competitive. And we’d welcome the opportunity to compete for your business.

A copy of our ISO 9002 certificate.