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A Place Called Ramsey
There is no sign telling you that you’re in Ramsey, North Carolina. And no landmark, save for a general store, which stands silent now. But at first glance it doesn’t appear that way. Its exterior has been outfitted to look much like it did in bygone days, by people who appreciate the history of this community bathed in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Deer still come to the bWe are located northwest of Charlotte.ackyards
in the morning and evening, appreciating the serenity of this beautiful place that cartographers apparently forgot. But even these four-legged inhabitants of the surrounding forests must wonder about the tremor beneath their hooves. A tremor followed with the dull, muffled sound of a thud, signifying
that there’s more to this tranquil place than meets the eye.

Directly across the county road from the general store sits one of the Southeast’s oldest and most reliable metal stamping companies. Founded in 1959, Parker Industries reflects much of what this region of the country is all about. Hard work. Determination. Old-fashioned values. But there is nothing old-fashioned about this company. From ISO 9002 certification, to consistent top-quality products, to just-in-time delivery, Parker Industries is a leader.

If you’re ever out our way, come see us. But call first for directions. And next time you have a need for metal stampings, no matter how big or small, we’d appreciate the opportunity to provide you with an estimate.

Max Ramsey's General Store.